Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 

Some Achievements of Oyo East Local Government


  1. Asphaltic Road Construction of Apinni – Kanga in Oyo East Local Government. Kosobo. Length 400m, Average Width – 6.340m (Direct Labour).
  2. Asphaltic road of Ansar-Ud-Deen Mosque – Ago Isoona - Modeke Road, Oyo East Local Government, Kosobo Length 500m Average Width 6.34m (Direct Labour).
  3. Construction of Hydraulic structures, Earthworks and Asphaltic pavement of Ansarudeen prayer ground road, Kosobo, in the Local Government Area Length – 200m, Average width - 6.5m (Direct Labour).
  4. Repair of Hydrualic structures, spot patching wioth stone Base materials and Asphaltic overlay of Olomoodo – First bank road, Kosobo, in the Local Government. Length 230m, Average length 6.4m (Direct Labour).
  5. Construction of Hydrualic structures, Earthworks and Asphaltic pavement of Ago-Isona – Ansarudeen Mosque junction road, Kosobo in the Local Government. Length 210m, Average Width 6.5m (Direct Labour).
  6. Opening and tarring of both rural and urban roads that link major settlements.
  7. Reactivation of pipe borne water, thus reopening of public water taps.
  8. Establishment of Agricultural institutions e.g. farm service center, Awe Road, Oyo; food/fruit factory, Offa Meta, Oyo East; Grain reserve storing board, Oyo.
  9. Establishment and maintenance of market like Akesan Market, Tengba Market, Apaara and Apinni market.
  10. Construction of drainage and sewage disposal system
  11. Annual inter-school competition in various sports in Public Primary Schools in the Local Government.
  12. One workshop/seminar per term involving all the schools in the Local Government Area.
  13. Rehabilitation of Erelu water works to facilitate Pipe borne water
  14. Provision of Public toilets.